Possums & Native Animals

We are experienced in removing and relocating native animals such as possums.

As urban areas continue to grow, native animals such as possums find themselves having to adapt and find different locations for their home such as the roof cavity of your house. Even though possums are wary of humans and do not cause us any harm, they can be a nuisance once they take up residence in your roof which can result in interrupted sleep. Our experienced handlers will assist you in removing and relocating any unwanted visitors.

Naturecall Wildlife Control’s years of experience in wildlife management ensures that all animals are treated with care and respect when being removed from your property or business.

Naturecall Wildlife Control can also remove other Native animals such as:

  • Kangaroos
  • Insectivorous bats
  • Flying Foxes
  • Bees & wasps

Non-native species like rats and foxes or invasive species such as wild dogs are common animals that experience human and wildlife interaction. Naturecall Wildlife Control’s highly experienced team will recommend the best methods of successfully removing these animals from your property or business.

All animals are treated with care and respect, regardless of whether they are native.

Don’t want a possum to make your home their home?

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